NYFW: Altuzarra

(Images via Vogue)

Going into his presentation for the F/W 2017 at New York Fashion Week for his Altuzarra label, designer Joseph Altuzarra was interviewed by The New York Times, and during that discussion, he took his turn to shout out to the feminists roiling in the country, while also nodding to the notion that, indeed, his customers must necessarily be older professional types with the need to look good and the desire to do so.

However, his showcasing wasn’t overtly political: rather, he rendered his strong woman, according to Vogue, through images of Lady Macbeth.  That and, the site continued on, “(h)is goal this season, he said, was to paint a portrait of the Altuzarra client that’s complex. To do so, he looked at Northern Renaissance paintings. ‘It was a time,’ he said, ‘when people became interested in how people really looked.’” That’s seductive stuff for a designer like Altuzarra, who has always embraced the artful detail.”

Indeed, there was a pre-Renaissance feeling to the whole thing, and the clothes felt as delicately rendered (while, interestingly, being strong–everything from the sturdy boots to the curvilinear coats in their thick, wintry fabrics) as they might have been at that time.  Expressions of high art. Maybe that didn’t always necessarily flow with what’s on today, and some of those especially period pieces felt like they were pushing the theme vaguely into costume territory, but there were scores of desirable coats, a number of lovely structural work-ready separates, and more than a few dresses (such as a sleeveless blue velvet affair trimmed with black ribbon and embroidered flowers) that looked like a dream.


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