NYFW: Alexander Wang


(Images via Vogue)

I’ve always wondered that, cool as one of the coolest designers exhibiting at New York Fashion Week Alexander Wang is considered to be, there is exponentially more ink (or, I guess, pixels) spilled in favour of listing his front row celebrities, his most well-known catwalkers, and what goes on during his after-parties.  And the F/W season isn’t even that much the same, with the likes of USA Today after the models, The New York Post on about the party, and WWD complaining that, with standing-room only season, we wouldn’t get a vision of who was most important in the room.  Or something.

But they did go to democracy as part of the theme and reason, perhaps, that there were no demarcated seats.  That sounds appropriate enough to me, with the idea mixing together with Mr. Wang’s fall girl quite nicely.  Indeed, there was plenty of rebellious goth-meets-grunge on the runway today (it felt to me like a edgier, older-sister vibe to Nicole Miller‘s fall offerings).  I don’t his his girl as being expressly political in the sense that she wouldn’t get into a riotous debate with Mitch McConnell-y types, but with the black and the sharpness (quite literally, in the form of accessories and some of the pieces themselves taking on a metallic shavings cast), she knows her bit about feminism and the modern world.

Anyway, New York Magazine explained that “(t)here were gray plaid coats and lots of silver fringe – on cowboy shirts and a punk disco-ball dress…Among sheer, rhinestone-encrusted cutout dresses, a heavy silver statement necklace topped off dresses and black turtlenecks,” as the Seattle Times gave nods to the lingerie-inspired pieces and Mr. Wang’s always-solid blazers whilst adding that “(l)ittle silver balls provided edgy detailing on boots and seams for some. Others carried bags with chain-link straps.”

Interestingly, Vogue was less impressed than they usually are with all things chez Wang, and even though they ruminated that the show “was very much in the key of party girl. He opened with tailoring, splicing traditional suiting fabrics with sweatshirting to take the starch out. But from there he moved swiftly on to catsuits, leather pants, shorts, stretch denim with bold silver button-flys, and chain mail tees…Westernwear is a developing Fall trend…” The latter I find intriguing, as we’ve already discussed some of it in Kiev (Yanina Studio, Ostel, Kir-Khartley), but Mr. Wang necessarily doses his offerings with a lot more sex appeal than we see anywhere else.

And given how much I love black, silver, and a goth edge, this is perhaps the only element leaving me behind: the skintight qualities he embraces so much in his clothing.  If we have an easiness everywhere else, would it really cause so much pain to relax the trousers, just a bit?  I mean, other wise, I like the collection, I do.  It’s just, you know, like…a thought.


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