NYFW: Christian Siriano

(Images via Vogue)

There were plenty of reasons to love Christian Siriano‘s F/W 2017 show presented as part of New York Fashion Week, with the beautiful, longing-for-a-red-carpet-to-spice-up dresses and gowns only being one portion. Like many other designers that have exhibited thus far at NYFW, Mr. Siriano was communicating that democratization of fashion, that movement away from the strict norms and embracing the diversity America has to offer, the resistance movement from the political shape the country has taken.

The designer certainly deserves his accolades for the many models of colour on his catwalk, but he also embraced the ‘plus size’ as well, so that sample size runway favourite veterans (like Alek Wek) could walk alongside curvier models (like Marquita Pring) that went up through size 16. This, naturally, got a lot of love with the like of Cosmopolitan (collectively arguing that “these women looked fierce AF in Soriano’s clothes), all the while taking each individual model’s look for closer inspection.

Indeed, I found that there really was no difference to feature such a diverse runway, except perhaps that (at least for the likes of some of us), it felt new and refreshing to imagine how the clothes would work themselves out in different instances, such as covering more distinct curves.  And USA Today liked these notions, too, though they then drew a more direct line to the political, noting that this season the designer was “opting for a message of unity.”

As for the clothes themselves, Vogue explained there was a mix of high-low, with shoes (no kidding from Payless), even as the shiny gowns sparkled for the red carpet under the show lights. “(T)his season the focus skewed toward the sumptuous,” they continued. “Gowns were covered in artfully embroidered cranes or layers of fringe and marabou to create looks that ranged from showgirl to simply showy. The variety on display meant there was something for everyone, ­fans of ’70s-style ombré sequins and puff-sleeved Victoriana can finally unite…” The good news, too, this season is that we older, shorter, darker, etc. no longer have to worry about whether we’d look good in the clothes, because a designer helped us tackle all that. This designer!


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