NYFW: Jonathan Simkhai


(Images via Vogue)

Although up until now OPT hadn’t really been aware of Jonathan Simkhai‘s work beyond the casual browsing eye, during the F/W 2017 season at New York Fashion Week, I found myself coming for the beautifully delicate and ornate clothing and staying for the bangin’ political messaging.

Although I guess many of the major sites weren’t feeling too chatty on the subject (and are already aware of the vast river of political resistance feeling running straight through the centers of NYFW), but the Pop Sugar was on hand to explain that although the designer has started out in wedding-gown and frilly cocktail party-style attire, he has changed his house for the better.  In this instance, it means realizing his girl has a whole, ’round the clock world to attend to, which meant that in addition to the above, we got denim, sharp pantsuits and the like.

But to me, at least, it was in dress territory where he excelled. As Pop Sugar went on to note, many of his more precious-looking works were inspired by the Victorian era, though he was sure to give her always a bit of snap, courtesy of grommets, bondage-y leaning lacings, and the like. She needed it, because she would doubtless be thrilled by the fact that Mr. Simkhai was also handing out ‘Feminist AF’ shirts at his show and making donations to Planned Parenthood courtesy of his website.


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