NYFW: Creatures of the Wind


(Images via Vogue)

It has been a while since we’ve discussed the kicky eclectic qualities inherent to the Chicago-based house Creatures of the Wind, but for the F/W 2017 season at New York Fashion Week, they were once again ready to present us with a strong message, both with the casting and through the clothing.

On the casting note, like plenty of the other designers exhibiting at NYFW, there were more models of colour, but designers Shane Gabier and Chris Peters opted to round this out with a handful of models that were either older than the (shall we say?) ‘standard’, as well as some differing physiques from the ‘one size fits all’ cattle call we generally witness at these things.

It is perhaps easiest to tie this in with the political current running through the theme of the show (and something we’ve seen at plenty of other houses, besides).  According to Vogue, the designers this season were “align(ing) themselves with the country’s emerging resistance movement…A mean world still has room for beauty.”

And this manifested with more than a little globe-trotting feel, as though the girl in question were mixing her bits and bobs that she’d scavenged from her array of travels, as mixed together with edgy, slightly slouchy office wear and more than a dash of the grunge NYFW designers like so much this season. Colour-wise, there was more black teamed with Army green and brilliant orange, rounded out with deeper khaki than we’re seeing elsewhere, while the clothes themselves beckoned luxuriously from afar, their mix of textures nearly as spicy and delicious as the underlying principles themselves.



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