NYFW: Nicole Miller

(Images via Vogue)

Oh, the Docs! I have loved Dr. Martens since I was a kid, and although their popularity, admittedly, has rippled over the seasons and years (causing me to own a plethora of variegated styles, though I’m first to declare that, nevertheless, I’ve always owned at least one pair since that time, and usually had my eye on a few more).  And while I have plenty of things to declare on the subject of Nicole Miller (who I’ve had my eye on many a season, as well; read OPT’s discussion of her amazing S/S 2012 show), I have to admit that shiny magpie bit for me on her F/W 2017 catwalk during New York Fashion Week was, indeed, the old standard Doc boot.

Anyway, the upcoming Autumn’s collection was titled ‘Gypsy Grunge’ (apologies to those of you offended by the title; I’m not trying to make excuses, but I think the designer was speaking more ‘Bohemian-meets-Grunge’ than spouting ethnic slurs, but then, I don’t have any real insight, so again, just–apologies).  But I digress.

As to the collection itself, it had all the darkness of a high-schooler in one of her more angsty moments (and I don’t mean that as a bad thing; it was just more playful in its presentation than it might have been if we were, say, running full goth). Evil eyes, Tarot card and dragon motifs (recalling that non-so-great-book-that-will-never-die), barbed wire prints, crosses, and the like decorated lace, plaid, and dark, Asian-inspired florals (another image we’ve been getting a lot of this season).

The designer, according to WWD, explained that her fall offerings were for “my downtown girl who went to get her fortune read by a tarot-card reader, and then went out on the town and ended up getting Chinese food,” which is basically me (if you replace the Chinese food with Thai), and I guess explains why I like the collection so much (as well as the easy quality it has, which is–also–becoming something of a staple this season).

Meanwhile, Vogue quoted Ms. Miller as noting the range was a “modern take on grunge,” and then for themselves declared it boasted “a certain kitsch appeal” (actually WWD said the same thing). So it seems we all liked it and no one had to work to hard; except, I expect, when it comes to paying for the things…maybe she could re-set her prices to more where the Docs level usually rings in?


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