NYFW: La Perla

(Images via Vogue)

Although the main colour story for the F/W 2017 season at La Perla was largely made up of deep blues (like cobalt and navy) and, of course, black, similar to what we saw at Ukrainian Fashion week, there were plenty of looks that we generally tend to associate with the spring. According to Vogue, this season designer Julia Haart “envisaged the artistic interpretation of British gardens across six chambers of a British manor. So, expressionistic flora, by function of room. ”

“It’s really this concept of nature redefined by people…And I chose English gardens because they are more of a riot compared to, say, manicured French gardens. That’s what I am thinking about: I don’t like people telling me what to do or where to go. I want to wear what I want, when I want, how I want. It’s all about the freedom,”they went on to quote Ms. Haart as explaining.

They of course name-checked Vicky’s Secret and its Angels, but that fell largely on the shoulders of the stable of models the house opted to work with and less on the clothes themselves, which were ever classy even in their flash moments and none of that insipid twirling with a lot of glitter and plenty of runway outfits one can’t even actually purchase (in a fashion show! Imagine that! None of that chez La Perla).

(Watch the collection video here)


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