Ukrainian Fashion Week: Fresh Fashion: Kir-Khartley

(Images via UFW)

As the inevitability of eveyone’s favorite fashion month closes in, we’re pretty much ready to close out our discussion of Kiev’s offerings for the upcoming season.  As such, it seems appropriate to tackle something a little more lighthearted and playful.  Yet another presenter as part of Ukrainian Fashion Week’s Fresh Fashion, the house of Kir-Khartley, as designed by the artist-stylist Kyrylo Kharytontsev (Кирило Харитонцев) showed a particularly colourful and cheery collection for the F/W 2017 season.

The show, which reminded me a bit of Kass in terms of its colour and print story, utilized much the same options in terms of the layering we’ve seen (heavier coats on top of lightweight pieces; in this case, one look featured a colour-blocked fall coat worn over a pair of lace trousers) and a diverse mixture of fabrics.  Prints were heavily featured, as well as some lettering, as we saw at Zalevskiy, plaids, colour-blocking, Southwestern motifs (which was similar to what Yanina Studio showed ), and plenty of Vicky’s Secret-esque pink.

I wish I could recall at the moment, but several years back, there was a New York designer that based her palette on the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet‘s colour scheme, and in particular, the sunset sequence.  I liked the interplay between all of these bright hues, which (for all of their loveliness) were a nice mix-up when compared with so many of the other Ukrainian labels opting for soft pastel palettes for the upcoming Autumn.

(See the collection video here)


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