Ukrainian Fashion Week: Christina Bobkova

(Images via UFW)

Sometimes, for an activity meant to be nothing other than entertaining pastime, fashion can feel awfully stifling to me, with all the ‘rules’ and the like (hopefully you’ll understand what I mean without me having to go through an elaborate dissertation), and I feel like I need to get away from all the endlessly skinny teenagers and people trying to impress others they don’t really know, nor care about.  But then, on the other hand, there are those designers that plumb something deeper and I feel sorry to leave behind with the rest.  Ukraine’s Christina Bobkova (Кристина Бобкова) has long represented one of those to me (see some old OPT coverage), with clothes that are both artistic and endlessly beautiful.

Indeed, in lieu of re-starting this site during NYFW, which is happening soon (and which I was tempted to do), I remembered old favorites like Ms. Bobkova and decided to start at Kiev’s F/W 2017 outing, instead.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot in front of me to discuss the collection at hand, but once again, according to the Ukrainian site Jetsetter, the Autumn show was titled (trans.) “interrupting the signal” and was inspired by “the aesthetics of the Lost Generation, glitch art…interference with communication (and) the VHS tape.”

As one might expect, there was an eighties-nineties vibe hard at work, and (I thought) a feeling of this era in New York City, in the artsier parts of the city, back when it wasn’t just the Trumps and people like them able to afford actually living in the more interesting districts.  Hmmm.


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