Ukrainian Fashion Week: Vorozhybt & Zemskova

(Images via UFW)

OPT has definitely spent some time with the lovely ladies behind the ladylike label Vorozhybt & Zemskova (Ворожбит & Земскова) in the past, although I’m sorry to tell you I can’t exactly recall when that was.  Nevertheless, we have a perfectly lovely F/W 2017 collection on offer from Kiev’s Ukrainian Fashion Week to take a look at at the moment.

Unfortunately for us, there’s not a lot of information on offer pertaining to the current collection, but I was able to find a bit courtesy of the Ukrainian website Jetsetter (be sure to check out their video, too).  According to them, the collection was titled something like (trans.) “Art Arsenal” and designers Tatiana Zemskova and Alyona Vorozhbyt utilized (again, trans.) “‘photonegative’ images with bouquets of tulips and roses and multi-layered 3D-drawing of filtering through the Eastern ornamental flowers.”




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