Ukrainian Fashion Week: Rybalko

(Images via UFW)

Okay, so I have to admit I am, once again, kind of a newbie at doing this kind of fashion research (of the kind I would previously have rather obnoxiously bragged I was more skilled at), and amn’t quite as sharp around the edges of finding all the information I seek.  Thus, I believe that the Rybalko label is the product of designer Marina Rybalko, who, despite designing some exceedingly lovely, lightweight pieces for the Fall 2017 season at Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev, has chosen not to leave us a lot of crumbs by way of description as to what she’s about.

Rather than weighting down her pieces in the heavy hues and fabrics we are so often on-slaughted with for the Autumn, Rybalko utilized a bevy of soft, neutral hues like beige, white, and grays (even the blacks felt more chalky than usual for Fall) and playfully added little fripperies with plenty of ruffles and teasing little trims.

(Watch the video here)


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