safw: gert-johan coetzee

(images via sdr photo)

are you ready for some fun times?!? so! much as i do love south african fashion week, i tend to not see it in the same terms as, say, japan or london in terms of its avant garde content, but then, i do like that there are always a least a couple of kids bucking the trends and sartorially shaking things up for us, wherever we go. and enter gert-johan coetzee (who was entertaining us with verve back during the s/s 2012 season), who showed a marvelously adventurous–and perfectly lovely–s/s 2014 range at johannesburg’s safw.

blending both the serious and the playful with ease, the designer explained to the south african site the new age that “I wanted to fuse my glamour and the element of technology,” while in an article previewing the collection just before its debut, the site women 24 got a bit more sober as they related how “(t)he key piece in Gert-Johan Coetzee’s new collection…is inspired by graceful sea creatures that use their sharp spines as a form of defence. This thought motivated the designer to the stars to dedicate this season’s work to women who face abuse.”

“There has been so much violence against women in the news this year already, and I wish we could eradicate that. GJC is all about making women look and feel beautiful, and I started thinking imagine clothes could become armour to protect defenceless women,” the site quoted the designer as explaining, while back on the lighter end of things, the south african site luxo trilled that the “collection is bold with black and white, stripes and crazy spikes!” *yeow! and *ow! so it is! i found there was also an almost balletic approach to some of those lighter dresses, with the feathery and tulle-y skirts, which provided a nice balance to some of the more, er, shall we say armor-ial clothes.

anyway, as some final thoughts, orgella online reported that “Coetzee, always looking for the cutting edge, collaborated with the Vaal University of Technology to bring the latest in high technology to the catwalk.  Three-dimensional printing is a miraculous-seeming technology that creates previously impossible geometries in single pieces, limited only by the designer’s imagination. Coetzee is very excited about the results. ‘I cannot wait for everyone to see the collection… I have gone for a wearable collection that recall the Sixties and Seventies in terms of design, but enhanced with some really fantastical elements, which was made possible with the advanced 3-D printing technologies.'” awesome, non? (see additional runway images at women 24)

(watch the catwalk video action here)


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