lviv fashion week: irina shuper

(images via lfw)

right, kids. so are you ready for yet another of those ukrainian mixed blessings? we’ve upon us, as per the norm at lviv–or lvov–fashion week one of those exciting new designers that would stimulate all of our senses, if only we were allowed to learn everything we can about her, alas. but because it’s a bit like a half-painted picture, i guess we can just do what we can, and admire the clothes without fully coming to a deeper understanding. and really, before we continue, i’d just like to say i wholeheartedly approve of all the colour manifesting on the ukrainian catwalks of late.

alors. the a/w 2013 range of designer irina shuper (rus: Ирина Шупер, uk: Ірини Шупер) seemed to be her debut collection at lfw, and the graduate of the lviv academy of the arts, much like a handful of other ukrainian designers this season (something of a trend, i suppose, as we’ve seen similar themes in a few places, despite only really taking on a handful of ateliers in lviv this time ’round), opted for fine art as the inspiration for her work.

as the lfw site explained, ms. shuper drew on the work of the austrian artist and architect friedensreich hundertwasser, while the ukrainian site ukrinform added that she (trans.) “unveiled architectural [looks with] bright and active colour prints, based on [his] paintings.” mr. hundertwasser relocated to new zealand later in life, where he eventually became a citizen, and it reminds me a little bit of the french painter paul gauguin, who emigrated to tahiti, and suddenly his work appeared as if reborn anew, as if he were just discovering new colours and lights. the prints here and that similarly invigorated feel about them, i found.

anyway, both the ukrainian site fashion-media and the russian site ria moda noted that of the work–and to quote the former–(trans.), “(p)articular attention is paid to wearability, which resulted in a large number of pockets and multifunctional elements.” in other words, these clothes were just as functional as they were pretty and while maybe on the whole they felt more springlike than they did for fall, and honestly, maybe those jodhpur-style trousers aren’t going to flatter a lot of women (what with their exaggerated hips), i did love the layering, the crafty and collage-y elements, and ultimately, i’d rather congratulate homegirl on that than on maybe those handful of elements that didn’t flow as nicely, you know?


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