fashion rio: salinas

(images via ffw)

so as we’ve been queuing up to discuss this new round of shows at rio de janeiro’s fashion rio, i’ve found myself kind of believing at times we’ve already discussed a range we haven’t yet, and i think the confusion comes from the fact that we’re really only just closed the book on last season’s edition and so many of those collections still seem so fresh. and yet! we’ve gotten lucky thanks to the swimwear labels only showing once per year, and thus, with a handful of houses like salinas (see s/s 2012 & s/s 2013), we get to feel utterly new for the s/s 2014 season.

aaaand…honestly, i’ve actually been waiting to see this theme pop up again for another spring range, so here we are! italy seems to be one of the most beloved countries for those unattached to reference in their collections (though usually from cold countries–in particular, i’m thinking of austrian lena hoschek’s s/s 2012 show and ukrainian victoria gres’ s/s 2012), and that was basically what was up chez salinas for the upcoming summer, with all of the polka dots, colour, and verve one comes to expect from these homages.

or, as perhaps vogue put it in more charming language (trans.), “Summer is Italian, the climate is retro ’50s. Leave the bows as used and abused by the designer (with the exception of one or the other in the back of behaving panties), and the pellets entering the beach of Salinas. Rent Fellini, enter the pin-up in you and place your foot on the sand full of vintage charm….(W)ith polka dots of different sizes in black and white and red and white and lemon, and prints of the beautiful landscapes in a Mediterranean blue background, the collection grew.”

elsewhere, and somewhat similarly, the brazilian site closet online poetically waxed that (trans.) “(s)mall town, sun and blue sea; this is the scenario of films depicting the summer holidays in the late fifties. Nostalgia and sensuality were transported to the present day, revealing the innocent charm, but spicy at the same time.The half-cup bra is the big hit for swimsuits and bikinis. The bottom appears in several sizes – thongs, hot pants and maxi – adorned with laces or straw biased ruffles, making the line beach-chic. Shoulder to shoulder coverage compensates for the sensuality of deep necklines and backs.”

then, quite humourously, if a little wryly, “(s)tripes and polka dots are the most striking and appear in pieces of various shapes, such as tops and underwear and swimsuits with large handles wider to cover the entire butt,” (trans.) ffw explained, presumably of those little, er, girdles, that wrapped a bit like detachable peplums around a models’ waist, while even the notoriously difficult brazilian site chic gloria kalil allowed that there was pretty much something for everyone gracing the catwalk this season.

“The young and innocent charm was represented by rereading the hots pants, tops, swimsuits…with bustier bikinis and much grace in the classic push-up bra,” (trans.) announced the brazilian site pure trend, while adding that we saw various pieces “printed with lemon, the typical flavor of the Italian summer.” then, finally, elle was there to definitively declare that (trans.) “(t)he collection, inspired by Italian summers, has a glam vibe and has looks that Brigitte Bardot would love to have paraded in the sands of Búzios. The retro feel also showed up in scarves and [accessories]. Among the desirable pieces are the hotpants…and the powerful half-cup bras.”

(enjoy the fashion show video here)


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