safw: lunar

(images via sdr photo)

ahhhh, so. one of those impossible-to-research-type labels. i’m always kind of pleased when i know we’ve covered one of these in the past, as it doesn’t mean another session of fighting against the internet to, yannow, try to come up with a website. but i’m going to also try to forgive the south african label lunar, as i find their collections so quietly low-key lovely.

anyway, we’d last encountered the eco-friendly atelier, headed up by creative director paul harris and head designer dominique gatland back during the s/s 2012 season at johannesburg’s south african fashion week, and although i’m not really sure where we were all off to last year, they were back for more of the event with their beautiful s/s 2014 range, which was definitely lighter in colour, materials, and tone even than last time ’round.

anyway, according to the safw site, “Lunar’s Spring Summer Collection is inspired by Ghandi’s salt march in the 1930s. The range investigates the structure of salt by reflecting its elemental form in natural fabrics of linens, cottons and silks. The dominant colour is white, accented by shades that are reminiscent of trace materials.”

“The collection,” they continued along, “also features subtle patinas that are inspired by the shifts in opacity and transparency in the structure of salt. The silhouette is somewhat austere in its restraint, but is a reminder that the simplest of substances can take on the most unexpected forms.”

i was especially wowed by the palest of pale ombre effects on some of the summery maxi dresses, such as the floor-sweeping white tank dress (which gave the model a good amount of impressive cleavage, something i really think most kids wouldn’t mind seeing on the mainstream runways) that eventually folded into an almost invisible shell pink as it descended toward the ground. the designers worked the same effect in a pale blue/purple shade, although it was a little more obvious, especially as the dress was endowed with some considerable ruffles, and therefore, i personally found it a little less compelling, if no less lovely.

and so, on the whole, once again, i’d proclaim the pieces very wearable, although there was perhaps less of a ‘wardrobe’ element than we’d seen last time, and things felt to linger a little heavier around dresses/gowns than they did in the previous collection (that we saw), which was a little more separates-friendly (which i personally always see as a good thing). but, like, i’m sure there are kids who want a good eco-dress, and that will fly, if nothing else. besides, it’s always nice to see the environment kids considering design as much as anything, so i’m on hand to give lunar a platinum star for that business. *yeow. (see additional images at haute fashion africa)


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