lviv fashion week: liudmyla komardina

(images via lfw)

a usual (eclectic) favourite of ours at kiev’s ukrainian fashion week (see f/w 2011, s/s 2012, f/w 2012), designer liudmyla komardina (Людмилы Комардиной) apparently decided to take the plunge into edgier, more esoteric waters this presenting season, after letting us miss her with her absence during the spring round of shows. and i did! aren’t you much happier she’s back for edition: f/w 2013?

anyway, this time ’round, if i’m to be blunt as ever, i’d be loudly declaring that she’s toned things down considerably from the times we’d seen her presenting in kiev, with an autumn range that was–especially looking at it from the archival perspective of this designer–relatively tame. to be sure, very pretty and textured and crafty, just as she prefers things, but utterly wearable and maybe a little more hipster and less, yannow, full-on avant-y arts-and-crafts than a year or two ago.

in an article regarding one of her various presentations (although it’s relevant to the same collection, so never mind which one; it can be hard to find lfw articles!), the russian site sevas related that the fall range was titled ‘rustling wind,’ and quoted the designer herself as explaining that (trans.) “I used a collection of lightweight, floating fabrics, such as silk jersey. The colours of autumn, predominantly green and brown. I wanted to create a unique image of the beauties of forest.”

and i certainly will give her credit for cultivating an autumnal, rather falling-leaves feeling, which ivona vehemently agreed with, declaring that (trans.) “(s)ignificant to the new collection were dresses’ autumn colours: yellow, brown, orange, and the colour of moss.” they added that models sported accessories (such as their necklaces) constructed of walnut shells (there’s our beloved liudmyla komardina), while the blog world of men’s fashion noted that they too had their natural tiaras, which, along with the necklaces were mixed with precious stones.

that reminds me a bit of the nina ricci ‘nature rave’ collection for the s/s 2008 season, albeit in a much more, yannow, realistic and kind of natural fashion. anyway, also (i told you about that accessory part!) in true komardina fashion, the blog mtm fashion related that the walnut idea was borne out of a concussion the designer had, and as she sat about the table cracking nuts and trying to envision accessories…so they were born. well! the environment kids are going to be on this, as are the hipsters, the fashionies (ever looking for something ‘different’) and the squirrel enthusiasts, so that pretty much sums up at least 80% of the population (especially on the latter part), so i guess we can call this a win. i kind of hope she’ll turn up back in kiev, but for now, i’m just glad she’s back.


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