lviv fashion week: galina rozhak

(images via lfw)

once again, honestly, we’re not going to get much here, but then again, at least we can say hello, yes? anyway, save for maybe a couple of the looks, designer galina rozhak‘s short and sweet little f/w 2013 range, presented as a a part of the ‘off schedule’ segment at lviv fashion week definitely rang in on the ethnic side of things, which was maaaybe at times a little bit overzealous for commercial appeal (save of course for that gorgeously tailored black jumper-dress and a couple of the coats), but was nevertheless quite endearing for its remarkable execution.

as per the norm, there wasn’t, like, a lot of background, though the ukrainian site stylog did call it a (trans.) “combination of military [and] feminine,” while in a short little (mostly unsatisfying, given that they apparently don’t know which questions to ask) interview with the lfw site, she revealed that (trans.) “(t)he idea was to make ethnic, but also modern and full of nostalgic things,” while adding that she’s very much into more cultural and ethnic-type designing. that’s all quite well and good, but honestly i liked things the best when she brushed her pieces with those overtones, rather than foisting them upon us so heavily, yannow?

well. in the final critical word on the subject, the collection was summed up by the ukrainian site zaxid as full (trans.) “of dresses and coats in black, white, dark gray, dark brown with metal buttons and embroidery and massive hair accessories.” so true, and i’d really like to also point out here that while i found the designer’s technical work exemplary, and also add that i thought her embroidery was quite beautiful, but a little can go a looong way, and she probably would have been better served to execute it a little more along the lines, say, of estonian desinger lilli jahilo’s f/w 2012 range. don’t you find?


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