moscow fashion week: marina makaron

(images via intermoda)

so although we really haven’t known her at all long, after an impressive tropical holiday-evoking s/s 2013 range, and an equally alluring, if decidedly different (and more artsy, always a high point for opt) a/w 2013 range at moscow fashion week, i’m giving designer marina makaron (Марина Макарон) a nice silver star from opt as a new russian name to watch. and yes, there are many, but no so often they ply us with so many varying colours and crafty, almost collage-y bits, eh?

right then. so for the upcoming fall, the designer’s range reminded me of what might happen if we took the earlier work of collage aficionado michael van der ham and mixed it in a blender with maybe some of the preciousness and russian heritage moments of tatiana parfionova and the tongue-in-cheek qualities of louise gray with maybe a side of classic ballet gear (maybe as seen through the eyes of rodarte, as the sisters were just starting out, or perhaps in their black swan phase). in other words, it looked gooood.

*ow.  seriously!  i really liked all her eclectic and colourful artistry for the upcoming autumn, which was titled ‘the queen of hearts.’ it was described–almost tentatively, really–by the mbfwm site with the thoughts that (trans.) “Marina believes in a fairy tales. She writes her own in her free time. [the clothes have a b]rittle manner, as if descended from the cartoon postcards.” but i’d definitely say that there was something hipster-like here, too, to balance out some of the delicacy, and that’s probably what’s going to endear the range commercially to many kids out there.

anyway, while the site lifestyle 24/7 reflected that “(f)ull of youthful passion and exquisite charm, her collection is deeply rooted in the tradition of Eastern European culture, reflected in luxurious silks, vintage prints, vibrant splashes of modern images and wealthy color palette. Along with basic Russian imagery and folklore depictions her line gives a fresh and playful look to her style,” intermoda explained that (trans.) “each season her collection tells a new story. Russian traditional design and contemporary art are the inspiration for the images on fabric. Each product – is a piece of canvas with her stories, which are not only the images themselves, but also their combination with each other, with a combination of different types of material.”

but, they carried on, her heroine for the winter was stronger than one might expect those of fairy tales to be, and this is (again, trans.) “(t)he image of a girl who is always in the spotlight; she enjoys her flamboyant life,” while rather similarly, the russian site kablukmsk declared her (trans.) “a tiny headstrong princess, the brave rider, the mysterious stranger,” who is (and i think i’ll eternally love this phrase) a “girl of the world with a Russian soul.” they also noted that range materials included wool, leather, fur, suede, lace, and silk.

the designer (again, trans.) “chose traditional fall colours of red, black, blue and green the colour of a serpent, neutral gray, and nuances of yellow, white and gold,” they sped along, while as a final thought, the russian site ria moda related that ms. makaron employed many traditional (and storied) russian techniques in the execution of her collection, with embroidery and delicate lacework among them. i loved the juxtaposition of so many textures, colours, and ideas. don’t we all want to be kids of the world with russian souls, at least for a little while after spending some time beside this collection?

(enjoy the full fashion show video here)

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