fashion rio: blue man

(images via ffw)

ah, yay! it feels like (to me, at least) it’s been a hot minute since we’ve discussed a really yummy swimwear range (honestly, don’t you feel like there was a lot of swimwear missing in sydney this season?), and although they (as far as i’m concerned, anyway) never really try to push the, like, intellectual boundaries of swimwear, i’ve always liked blue man for their charming prints and fairly upbeat vibe (see s/s 2011, s/s 2012, s/s 2013) at their fashion rio shows each year.

and so, for their s/s 2014 presentation in rio de janeiro, the brand carried forth with more of their sweet and alluring patterns, this time manifesting (as a lot of brazilian labels like to do, of course) in an assortment of tropical and animal motifs, which was titled something like ‘the empire of tropical brazil.’ of course, if i may, i don’t know why so many of the brazilian swimwear houses want to persist with the lavish headwear, but then, i guess i’ll just never be a fan of the fringed baseball cap.

ahem. right, then. so according to the brazilian site semanier, (trans.) “(t)he designer paired Baroque with tropical,” with “prints reproduced of the meeting between the decorativism of the Portuguese court and the beautiful landscapes of the Brazilian forests.” the portuguese influence on brazil is something we’ve been seeing a lot of this season (with têca being the first to stand out in my mind as another atelier that has done it), but i really do like that mix of classical european art with a more natural and ethnic-y touch, and once again i’d say it came together nicely here.

for the most part, though, i’d argue that i saw more of the landscape of indigenous brazil, although vogue helped clarify some of the motifs as including (trans.) “Portuguese tiles mixed with Rio’s landscape, jaguars, tropical floral prints and baroque [elements],” while they also gave a shout-out to the, er, denim bikinis, which, i’m sorry, maybe as a creative (and runway-only) thing i can appreciate, but, like, hot, wet, sandy denim against the crotch on a mid-summer beach day? get the fuck outta here! seriously.

yeah, honestly, upon reflection, i even felt bad for alicia kuczman for having to sport one down the runway, and maybe that’s why she looked so stoned in the close-up images. all to get through the show, right? ahem. and, quite surprisingly, even elle was fully onboard with the things, and i’m going to say, like, either i’m fully out of touch or they are. but i can’t imagine most kids not taking a firm stand (one way or the other) on the subject. i mean geez.

sorry, i shouldn’t dither so long on the subject, but you know, sometimes these things are really important. but anyway, elsewhere, closet online described how (trans.) “(p)rints of birds,…fruti, and motifs of the Portuguese court,…and the flag of Brazil appeared on multi-coloured pieces with silhouettes ranging from the most behaved surf bodysuit over to the low-cut swimsuits. The jeans come in bikinis and shorts…in shredded [styles]. For post-beach looks, over-sized and cropped tops combined with high waisted pieces take you from day to night.”

but finally, i think it was ffw that really summed things up best (trans.) “More a demonstration of the vibrant youth of [designers] Sharon and Thomaz. Here, they join two familiar references: a taste for history and antiquities of Thomaz’s father with the passion for tropicalism of Sharon’s father. And it gives you prints! Thus, Portuguese elements like tiles and references to Empire join landscapes of tropical flora and fauna in a crazy mix of prints, but which works well for the Blue Man…The brand offers pieces for a full day of sun, whether in the surf, the sand, the pool, a stroll in the evening,and  there are various options that go far beyond the lycra and bikinis. ‘Our focus is on a broad mix. Not just for a woman but for many women.'” apparently those who like denim against their bare nipples, too, i guess. *ow!

(enjoy the fashion show video here)


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