fashion rio: oh boy!

(images via ffw)

so yeah, we’ve left rio de janeiro’s fashion rio behind for a hot minute whilst we were busily finishing up our coverage of spfw, but now we’ve closed the book on that one, we’re free to follow up on all of these zany, colourful, and beachwear and denim-heavy collections, including the s/s 2014 range of the unfortunately named, but eternally kawaii and actually quite fun (really; see s/s 2013 & a/w 2013) label oh boy!

aha! so where did that leave us for the upcoming summer? well actually, honestly, i preferred the descriptions of manual fashion, which termed the range a (trans.) “boho / hippie,” show, although in actuality it was called (and i hesitate to say this, but maybe they don’t understand the slur in translation) ‘gypsyskate,’ according to ffw, which went on to explain that (trans.) “(i)t could be just be an ethnic collection, but the idea of adding skateboarding gypsy girls to the vocabulary only enriched the caravan.” er, um, okay, but can we change that one description word?

alors. meanwhile, the brazilian site closet online further detailed the inspiration, but perhaps a little more delicately (trans.): “[it t]ells a story…of a group of friends in a caravan…The show unfolds as the girls’ journey happens, the way they are discovering flavours, sounds and new ways of seeing and living life.” they also went on to point out that “(c)ropped tops, mini shorts, skater skirts … all had an air of sports. Forms are lightweight and comfortable, combined with heavy embroidery and appliques…Long skirts and pieces in crepe de chine bring fluidity.”

the range materials were pretty varied, and although i’ve never thought of the house exactly as a denim label (especially compared with some in brazil that push it much stronger, like ellus, herchcovitch, and cavalera), that was a pretty strong point in their story for spring, and elle reflected that there was a strong undertone of (trans.) “the universe of skateboarding,” mixed in with the bohemian factor whence, i suppose, all the jeans came. and i really liked the way vogue summed things up, asking us (trans.) “(r)emember that timeschool when [we saw] the world without taboos and prejudices?”

in other words, they saw the range as fairly free and highly experimental, which i’ll certainly cosign in that teenage years kind of rebellious-cum-conformist way that we kind of necessarily must be (given that our references are fairly limited, no matter how convinced we might be otherwise), while rather in this vein, and as a nice finally thought, the brazilian site chic gloria kalil somewhat amusedly remarked that, though there were supposed to be ‘ethnic’ touches, they’ve (trans.) “already become one amalgamated [non-ethnic look].” oh, snap! so true, and yet, how convinced we were that, in those days, just because none of our immediate friends loved, yannow, country joe & the fish that they were, like, an indie band. oh, the days of innocence. i mean, oh boy! (and yes, you can smack me for that one)

(check out the fashion show video here)


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