lviv fashion week: iryna maksymiv

(images via lfw)

so quite honestly (as i think we’re all aware) those who present at lviv fashion week–and i’m especially thinking of those who are part of the group shows or, like, ‘new designers’ segments, no matter how promising they may be–rather frequently show up for one season…and are never heard from again. oh, sigh.

anyway, as opt is meant to be more of a season-to-season resource following houses, i kind of want to shy away from this, but all the same, it’s also an exploration of some of the smaller ateliers, and lesser-known events, so i feel i can’t really ignore an enticing new name, despite the feeling that’s all the contact we’ll ever have.

and thus, with that, as you can imagine, i’m going to open things up now to yet another new ukrainian name, iryna maksymiv, who this season was a part of the ‘off schedule’ portion of lviv fashion week, and whose a/w 2013 range had a kind of retro-charm (sort of twenties-esque, methinks) combined with an ethnic-y appeal, the fringe and beading also rather looking like that which could have been almost tribal garb (and ditto for those fur patches).

anyway, the lfw site conducted a mostly disappointing short interview with the designer, and in it, we managed to gleam maybe one decent tidbit in that she saw the range as an (trans.) “(e)thnic collection;, paper decorations are a source of inspiration – the ancient and modern authors.” it was a short enough little sampling that we can’t really go too deep, but i think there are a lot of ways she could grow and develop the aesthetic…if only we were lucky enough to see her again (though i know we won’t). alas. enjoy it for the moment!

(see the short show video here)


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