moscow fashion week: road

(images via intermoda)

as i think i’ve previously stated somewhere, contrary-wise to usual, i’ve been having kind of a hard time in keeping up my attention span with this season of russian fashion in the various moscow fashion weeks, so maybe the right thing to do is to spice things up with one of those eternally entertaining labels like road, no? we’ve not that familiar with designer gevorg david road’s (Давид Геворков Дорога) label as yet (see a/w 2012 & s/s 2013, but then, its, er, goth-punk sensibility is strong enough to leave an impression, you know?

anyway, in kind of a funny turn, i wasn’t really able to find any articles reviewing the collection, mostly because apparently everyone would rather have spoken on the dasha gauser collection of the same name (as the brand). heh. but! actually, though i’ve always been a bit skeptical when it comes to road’s motifs (and possibly, yannow, trying too hard), i must admit that the fall collection was a nice step forward in what felt like the growing-up process with some rather versatile and wearable pieces (particularly for this house).

in the only critical analysis i was able to find on the subject (but this is a good one), the always-awesome intermoda mostly agreed with me in assessing that (trans.) “(s)taying true to the aesthetic of grunge and denying trends, Gevorg David presented a timeless and fashionable collection, with an emphasis on the individuality of the individual, emphasizing their inner peace and comfort.”

“Voluminous, elongated sweaters and large knitted vests, overcoats and coats with worn leather collars, leather jackets with large parallel lightning bolts in a metallic colour, asymmetrically cu tknitted hoodies, tight leggings completely hiding the shoes and gently falling dresses,” (again, trans.) were all included in the show, they continued. they also pointed out, rather interestingly, that, as the show was done up in monochromatic black, “(i)n Western culture it is associated with gloom and mysticism, and in the East, black is the colour of absolute purity and harmony.”

oh, i like that, don’t you? it reminds me of how in the west, all the girls want to be done up in white dresses to be oh-so-virginal like queen victoria as they marry, and yet…i always think of kalyani in the film water, a widow forced to prostitute herself to support the household, always clad in white (the colour of mouring in her culture). so, you know…anyway, i got off topic a bit there, but i rather had fun doing it, and in the process, this little discussion. so, like, improvement! as were the clothes, of course.


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