japan fashion week: motonari ono

(images via mbfwj)

so…yeah. once again, i’m sorry about the unexpected hiatus the site has gone through over the past couple of days, but i’m going to try to rectify that with you all of my lovely viewers by charming you with one of japan fashion weeks more exciting names, motonari ono (モトナリ オノ) and his a/w 2013 range, which, if we were a little disappointed with last season, was back to the full briliance he’s usually known around these parts for (see a/w 2010, s/s 2012, a/w 2012, s/s 2013).

the designer generally likes to tackle some grand posturing with his displays, of which i tend to feel do little for his clothes (as they usually distract, as was the case last season), and i was glad that this turn proved the latter more to the forefront than for his spring exhibition. the japanese site fashion snap explained that this season’s (trans.) “(t)heme is reflecting the image of a female figure who is at a classic Bohemian antique market.”

aaahhh. so, my kind of girl. and the video site fashion tv played up on this, adding that “(k)nown for his models to wear interesting and unique hairstyle at his shows, designer Motonari Ono showcased his most recent Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection…With Brogues era updos, models wore Elizabethan inspired styled clothes in floral fabrics. With the mix of historical and modern elements this collection is definitely one of its kind.”

elsewhere, apparel-web described how (trans.) “(t)his time, the designers chose to, [base the collection around the] material with the sweet retro motif of the rose. It mixed well with traditional fashion material, fake fur, and denim and  there is a feeling of vintage, this collection reflecting the image of the everyday girl who likes old clothes,” as wwd trilled that “Motonari Ono incorporated influences from both men’s wear and interior furnishings into his fall collection, using checked suiting fabrics and heavy floral jacquards for ladylike pencil skirts and fitted jackets.”

“His signature feminine details,” they plugged along, “showed up in peplum dresses and satin cocktail frocks trimmed in black lace. Velour tuxedo jackets, a black leather mini cape, twill anorak jackets and tight denim jeans and skirts with contrasting jacquard piecing at the back added a modern edge,” as, finally, fashion press noted that (trans.) “The…wardrobe is in a drifting classical mood, such as one piece floral coat…By using amaterial with the tension, the designer skillfully expressed apple type skirts, remembering a peplum or ruffle around the waist, balancing volume and silhouette” (see additional runway images at japanese streets).

(check out the full fashion show video here)


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