spfw: cavalera

(images via ffw)

as much as i truly do love basically all things são paulo fashion week, i have to admit that right now we’re going to be trying to speed through a bit in order to at least get down to our last few discussions before turning things over onto rio de janeiro’s fashion rio coverage. and so with that, it seems like the right thing to do to turn things over to the jamboree that was cavalera‘s s/s 2014 presentation, which always tends to be a bit lighter and more fun than some of those heady, more intellectual brands that tend to clog up the spfw runways (to our everlasting delight, of course!).

we’ve been following the cute and fun juniors-feeling house for basically all of the seasons we’ve been with the brazilian labels (see s/s 2011, a/w 2011, s/s 2012, a/w 2012, s/s 2013), although like a lot of houses they decided to skip last season’s fast-forwarded move-up (and, just because i’m dying to mention it, we’re missing quite a few of our favourites this season, including maria bonita and gloria coelho! oh sigh!), but they seemed to make up for that in fun with all the boogeying down the girls did on the catwalk for a range that was, of course, inspired by the fabulous soul train that may be off the air, but will live on forever in our hearts.

anyway, simply summing up the proceedings, the brazilian site caras trilled that (trans.) “(t)he Cavalera collection brought joyful colours, corresponding to the rhythm that took over the show, with many suits for men and patterned jumpsuits for women,” while similarly, chic gloria kalil offered that (trans.) “harem pants come with elastic cuffs and models [sported] flared trousers and overalls and sundresses. Worn primarily with beautiful golf-type shoes, the  direct influence of recent Prada [shows were seen in the] coloured vinyl with cutouts and transparencies.”

elsewhere, explaining that the models were groovin’ along with dances popularized in the 1970’s (and choreographed specifically to perform them, of course), the brazilian site closet online chirped that (trans.) “(t)he proposal of the new collection had elongated and fluid shapes mixed with the harshness of jeanswear, looks marked by mini trousers, overalls, pencil skirts, miniskirts, lightweight fabric, and fisherman-style pants…Dresses and skirts were created with huge cracks, the leather leggings had a lot of fringe, and the proposed sandals were stacked with a wooden heel.” so in other words, nothing too deep, but it was all in good fun.

well! nicely summing it up (as per usual) was ffw, writing that there were (trans.) “(s)o many shorts, jackets, shirts, open dresses, skirts, pants, and vests; finally a complete wardrobe, ultra-colourful and patterned (hibiscus prints, optics, African …). Everything with a ’70s scent…but nothing fanciful. Ready for consumption, just as the Cavalera customer wants.” and finally, adding to this notion was elle (trans.): “Flowers, stripes, graffiti, insects, coconut trees, and street art invades skirts, pants, dresses, leggings in an explosion of a good mood. The jeans, the piece de resistance of the brand, come in patchwork version, with large patches of varying shades and textures made of reuse[d denim]…The accessories are noteworthy, especially the shoes, in a brogue style that featured transparencies and details on coloured vinyl.” they were! and can we get a version for the girls, too, please?

(enjoy the fashion show video here)


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