belgrade fashion week: anja dragan

(images via bfw)

i’m a little–well, quite honestly not sure what to say about belgrade fashion week this season, mostly because although i’m always glad to meet a new designer, and i think we’ve seen some intriguing collections, i’m also quite frankly rather disappointed that it was not only a little shorter than usual in terms of content, but also rather lacking in the department of names we know. and there are so many great designers in serbia opt is familiar with, so really, i can’t help but point out that i’m saddened to have missed most of them this time out.

so maybe that’s not the best intro for the first time we’ll be discussing the work of young slovenian designer anja dragan (who appears to be now based out of london), but there you go. we’ll try to do her some credit, as i really did like the range she presented for the a/w 2013 season. titled ‘mes dix vies,’ the designer, in a short post-show interview with branko popovic blog explained that the collection “was all about a new beginning. About a new world where everything is still bright and pure. A new world where our super-selves would live.” rather humourously, wannabe magazine drew some correlations to iris van herpen, which i guess i can see, in their infancy.

anyway, on the point of giving more detail about the background of the ideas behind the fall range, the serbian site style reported that the designer was asking (trans.) “(h)ow about if every human being had a double, as the incarnation of God in human form, who came from the higher and indestructible spiritual world, in our material universe? How about if each of us at one time experienced the event, aka, an avatar itself in the highest form of existence, and remained in that sense of [the surreal]?” i like those deep thoughts, and i like that she’s definitely putting an art form into clothing, but honestly, i’m not always sure how that translates into what we see, you know?

well. perhaps it doesn’t matter all that much, because the bfw site rather helpfully attempted to break it down for us, offering a pretty comprehensive survey (trans.) “(t)he extraordinary selection of materials…have been reduced to white (non) colour, which is realized through…’mild’ prints and combinations of transparent and solid fabrics. Very interesting modeling solutions, which are built as sculptural forms, combining with reduced models and ‘soft’ silhouettes. Aesthetics at the crossroads of Scandinavian and Japanese style, unpretentious charms with its inventiveness, and represents an ideal combination of experimental and ready-to-wear. A separate, yet totally harmonious element that surfaces in the form of macramĂ© belts and nets, the designer deliberately elaborates on details..” so there. it’s pretty lovely, non?

(watch the collection video here)


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