spfw: fh por fause haten

(images via ffw)

oh, my, kids. are you ready to talk about the serious stunt queen antics up at the s/s 2014 são paulo fashion week show of fh por fause haten? over the seasons (see f/w 2011, s/s 2012, f/w 2012, s/s 2013, f/w 2013), we’ve become pretty well accustomed to something courtesy of designer fause haten, and lo! this time around, as the brazilian site oestilo explains it, we saw (trans.) “a presentation with puppets,” which i’ll admit was kind of a clever and cute way to show off his beautiful eveningwear, even if we did–ahem–see something similar chez jean paul gaultier for the f/w 2004 season.

but alas, he was out there trying, and of some of his stunts, i’d have to give this one higher marks than the average, you know? anyway, according to elle, called ‘the wonderful world of dr. f’ (trans.), “the walkway [was] in miniature, all lined with mirrors, and received puppet models – they represented, he said, those with whom he always wanted to work, such as Gisele Bundchen, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell…The fantasy world was also seen in dresses that dominated the show. The pastel colours included pink, lilac and green, with painted tulle, silks and satins in layers, frills and excessively feminine super volumes. Flowers and leaves and applied embroidery created textures, as well as the work of coloured ribbons on structured bodices.”

meanwhile, ffw has a run-down of the ‘model’ list (and i do have to admit that i was pleased to see, er, models of colour included in the show, given that i think it would have been quite easy to cut them just like barbie dolls–all long and blonde, but maybe i’m reading too much into the dollies, though i *do* like them), and included in their report some thoughts courtesy of the designer, who appeared to be going back to his grand ‘i’m doing nothing!‘ ideas like he had during the f/w 2011 season, which i didn’t really get back then, either. ah, well (trans.): “What is the theme of the collection? It has no theme, you are choosing. A person can speak of one, and another [a different one]. I believe today is no longer the stylist who defines, is the consumer. So if you saw a fantasy, it is a fantasy, if you saw the theater, it is theater.”

but through all of this talking, save for a little bit, no one was really on about the clothes, which is maybe typical of fh, i suppose (sigh). really, the brazilian site chic gloria kalil only took a moment to point out that the designer appeared focused on the red carpet, as per the norm, while finally, closet online reflected that (trans.) “(t)he dresses were all party and gala [pieces], always colourful, with many ruffles, appliques and rhinestones, flowers, ribs and perforations.” i suppose in the end they’re right. how much is there to say about what appears to be…doll clothing? it was a fun exercise, though, and i do truly enjoy it when designers try something new, if all the same, it’s usually a mistake when they allow the focus to be so distracted from, yannow, the actual merchandise they’re trying to promote and eventually…sell.

(see the fashion show video here)


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