japan fashion week: araisara

(images via mbfwj)

once several years ago, though i’m decidedly a vintage (and black) type of person, i happened upon a girl on the street wearing all black but complementing it with a rainbow necklace, and it made a rather profound effect on me, mostly because there’s absolutely no way it should have worked, but it totally did. anyway, that’s kind of what i was thinking with regards to sara arai’s rather delicate florals mixed with black and utter black for her araisara (アライサラ) label’s a/w 2013 presentation at tokyo’s japan fashion week.

well. although still a relatively new house (see a/w 2011, s/s 2012, a/w 2012), the brand rose rather quickly to my attention, mostly because i appreciate how well the designer dresses a bit older girl–chic, smart, and yet not without a sense of daring. and that’s what i felt she was once more up to on this outing, presented, as the blog paint with stars notes (alongside their excellent images), at tokyo’s shibuya hikarie hall a.

anyway, in terms of theme and such, japanese site fashion snap explained that the show was titled ‘creative evolution’ and was staged to the (trans.) “live music of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.” putting the inspiration a bit plainer, apparel-web noted that the range (trans.) “(f)ocuses on the evolution of technology and human tradition handed down from ancient times, and was expressed by Araisara in a fashion that exists from the fusion of the two.”

what that meant then, in practical terms for us, they went on to reflect, were  (again, trans.) “(c)oats using a colour palette with the image of a colourful kimono, with a hand-printed craftsman pattern of the cosmos.” this imagery was meant to be particularly strong, and tokyo-add relayed how, (trans.) “(t)he designer says the cosmos is a symbol of a strong woman….feel[ing that a] kind of femininity was dignified in the colourful cosmos that blooms in the darkness.” and if that sounds a bit difficult, then you can probably relax, because there really were a lot of great, classic separates and outerwear pieces.

or! giving us our more straightforward, facile description, here comes wwd, offering that the collection “started out with a string of looks in black that played with various textures and fabrics. There were some strong outerwear pieces, i.e., the well-executed belted coats. But the show took some curious turns, including the incorporation of an orange floral print that was spliced into a floor-grazing gown and worked into the pouf of a bustier top.”

finally, the excellent fashion press gave some further notes on inspiration and all of that, quoting the designer as stating that (trans.) “‘(i)n our own way, we have created a strong, intellectual female figure. Lovely strong ones remain across the centuries,’ with a look was decorated in black, with a constructively-cut, sharp and shiny silhouette, with belts and gloves and other small accents to become more powerful.” i think it would be difficult not to feel so in some of her amazing black coats, like the velvet and wool blocked number worn by theres andersson with the high slits along the thigh. if that was basic, then yes please. we all need more of this in our lives, non?

(see the full fashion show video here)


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