toronto fashion week: pink tartan

(images via front row mag)

so although i was wrong and thought we’d been friendlier with canadian label pink tartan than we’ve actually been (see f/w 2011 & s/s 2013), whatever, i guess it doesn’t really matter, because the news for the day is that, as with last season’s exhibition at toronto fashion week, i really liked what designer kimberly newport-mimran (wife of joe fresh cd, joe mimran) had to offer for the f/w 2013 season. and! because the sixties were curiously absent on the fresh runway, someone had to pick up the thread (as i’ve said, it’s apparently required at tfw), and that someone (besides miz by izzy camilleri) happened to be pink tartan, of course!

right, then. so in case you weren’t expecting it (hint: you were!), the designer explained to elle of her inspiration for the upcoming fall, “I always pick a muse for every collection, and for fall, my muse was Constance Langdon from American Horror Story mixed in with Marnie Edgar from Hitchcock days. The darkness is in the clothes, but it’s also underlying in the girl, the muse herself.” the aforementioned miz collection was also drawn from an alfred hitchcock-tippi hedren collaboration, but then, just like basically any twenties-based shows cite f. scott fitzgerald works, so too, apparently, do the sixties with the iconic hitchcock women, non?

anyway, carrying on, they also asked her about her pieces, and she noted that “I’m still liking a longer skirt length. I love a waisted jacket—I haven’t really been blazer-y for awhile, you’ll see a lot of cape action happening. Those are the key silhouettes. I’m using real camel hair, metallics, a little bit of a PJ silhouette.  I really put an emphasis on fur this season. I love the sophistication of it—it’s a lot of glamorous than my rock star fur from previous seasons.”

meanwhile, according to the canadian fashion magazine, “‘(t)here’s something a bit off about these girls but they are really put together,’ said designer Kimberley Newport Mimran…A bit off? Maybe. Perked to perfection? That’s more like it. Newport-Mimran’s signature sunny approach shines through in any collection, and this season, particularly so—even despite its influence. Below the blond bob wigs and wide black headbands, the label’s latest wears proved ladylike once again while hitting all the Fall 2013 trend marks. Faux fur was one, which stood out as a bright cobalt blue coat. The winter floral was another, which renewed the label’s requisite shirtdresses for another season.”

elsewhere, front row mag chirped that “(t)he modern day Pink Tartan collection was replete with seasonless pieces that would find a welcome home in any sartorially-inclined closet. Leather, fur, skinny cropped pants, hits of leopard and fall  floras, and a silver pajama-inspired skirt suit (that was to-die-for!), were all elements of the return to a more ladylike, structured dressing than the label’s loose, ’60s mod Spring 2013 showing. Starting on time…Newport-Mimran has hit a confident stride and seems bent on maintaining her luxe Canadian penchant for appropriately stylish dressing.”

“For fall, it was all about fur. Fur collars, fur stoles, full-fledged fur coats, frocks edged in fur and even a fur skirt. Fur was everywhere,” declared the toronto post city. “Fur aside, Newport-Mimran was up to her old tricks, referencing the ’60s while still keeping silhouettes modern and fresh. The only misstep was the hair: the models were fit with mussed-up blonde bobs, which were a wee bit too shiny to pass as real locks, detracting slightly from the garb. Highlights for fall included a Barbie-pink sheath topped with a baby-pink fur collar, a stunning royal-blue fur coat and, in the non-fur realm, the various garments done in a floral print, which appeared to have been touched by a pointillist brush.”

then, in a more humourous vein, the canadian blog, er, style blog announced that “(i)f you watched the first season of AHS, you already know that Constance (played by the glorious Jessica Lange) was one classy lady. Well, a husband-murdering lady, but classy nonetheless. And Pink Tartan’s fall collection was spot on Constance – elegant, with a vintage flare, and just the right hint of mischief. The collection definitely felt older than spring’s Charlotte Free-inspired butterfly-printed line-up, but it also felt more timeless. Classic (and flattering) silhouettes, and statement outerwear dominated the fall show.”

and addressing the show’s beauty looks, as the luxe life gave an even more detailed compilation of everything done than i’d ever want to try to break into and sum up (but i recommend checking out all the same), the canadian beauty blog the kit explained that “(t)his 60s retro chic aesthetic was carried out in the beauty looks via strong eyebrows on a clean face…Sttaying true to this strong, feminine archetype (the Pink Tartan woman was a bit crazy–but always perfectly dressed), Maybelline’s lead makeup artist, Grace Lee, went with a prominent brow. ‘It’s really about that brow,’ she explained…Lead Redken hair stylist, Jorge Joao, surprised us all by fashioning the models in blonde wigs with hairbands to complement that retro femininity.”

but! back on the clothes side of the tracks (for just a moment before we close out!), as toronto life summed up the proceedings as “very Betty Draper: retro, feminine and, thanks to the models’ Stepford-esque wigs, blond. Flouncy dresses with full skirts, capes paired with skirts in bold colours and sheath dresses in a brocade-like blue floral all scream ladies who lunch circa 1962. Newport-Mimran used fur on almost every outfit, sometimes to good effect (an oversized coat with a zebra-like print; pink collars on jewel-toned dresses) and sometimes not (the skinny fur trim edging a simple black gowns looked cheap),” they declared of the best looks that “(t)he hexagonal print on slim fitting pants, capes and skirts has 1960s flair, but still looks modern.”

and, as a final thought, kenton magazine sashayed in to announce that “(h)ighlighted but luxurious furs, the collection featured an array of bold, bright colors and simple, yet elegant silhouettes…Colors ranged from magenta to emerald and cobalt blue, with tan, black and white in the middle. Texture was seen throughout, with floral, geo and animal prints making a fashion forward statement. A marriage of retro classics and glamour, Pink Tartan’s fall 2013 collection is wearable, appealing to the modern woman.” wearable, lovely, and always in-style, if maybe not with the same dose of whimsy we saw for spring, methinks this one will certainly be a big seller come the start of fall.

(view the complete catwalk show video here)


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