moscow fashion week: masha tsigal

(images via intermoda)

maybe a little lightweight for the winter months, but clocking in with that seventies-boho image she loves to portray so much (see f/w 2011, s/s 2012, s/s 2013; and which, after seeing the ysl s/s 2013 range, i expect we’re to see a lot more of in coming seasons), was masha tsigal‘s (Маша Цигаль) f/w 2013 collection presented at one of the various moscow fashion weeks that opt has banded together to group as a single event (but yeah, i’m aware it’s not, so don’t try pointing that out).

anyway, as we know, ms. tsigal is more of a contemporary-type designer with a bohemian-leaning niche than one trying to make a significant contribution to mixing up the fashion world, and she marched along that path for fall with a collection she titled aptly enough, according to the russian site red designers, ‘make love, not war.’ they went on to note that the range was(trans.) “inspired by the image of the creative secular public of 1970, with elements of hippie style. The collection contains all three lengths, midi, maxi, mini, which were combined with each other and the girls in the 1970s.”

elsewhere, the russian website etoya explained that we witnessed an (trans.) “abundance of flowers, mushrooms, ribbons, bandannas on [the models’] heads and loose cut dresses, suits and trousers…outstanding puffed sleeves, sandals, high wooden platforms, v-necked dresses and shirts, as well as prints, clearly hinting at how the flower children expanded their minds in those early years…A hat with a wide brim replaced knitted hast with pompoms…[and] large sunglasses.”

everything was very easy and flowing, as though the girls were coming from a summer concert (and yes, i’m saying summer, because save for a few scarves, vests, and the errant piece of outerwear that could easily have been for a cool evening as well, nothing particularly spoke of winter to me), with materials including, as the russian site trendy related, chiffon, cotton, knitwear, silk, and velvet.

the palette was pretty well rainbow-ified, although indeed, i’d say the range was darker than we usually expect out of ms. tsigal, perhaps paying service to the season, although some deep blacks and browns were jolted with appropriately bohemian sky blue, cherry red, cornflower, and lime, with plenty of prints, most of which consisted of various florals or little wallpaper-esque geometrics, all of which one might have expected to see jazzing up some very groovy crushed velvet 1970’s sofa.

anyway, the russian website ria moda advocated layering the pieces, and indeed, that’s very much the way i expect the designer envisioned that her customers should wear them–these clothes, even though they may not necessarily have all spoken as the types that should ‘match’ or ‘go’, nevertheless probably were meant to be worn pulled together, for the kind of almost haphazard look that somehow still looks awesome–even though it so decidedly should not. however, if i was going to venture a complaint, it might have been that i would have wished to see more layering pieces and less peasanty-style maxi dresses.

well. interestingly enough, as a final thought, in their analysis, the excellent russian website intermoda argued that there wasn’t enough of the masha tsigal fingerprint on the collection, and frankly, i’m just not quite sure what to make of that. i saw her all over basically everything, in the fibers of the low-key approach, the playful patterns, the wearability of the clothes.  maybe i just don’t understand her as well as they, but i think it’s safe to say while not breaking any records, this is going to please both a lot of girls and her customers in general (see additional runway images at cosmo shopping).

(check out the show video here)


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