toronto fashion week: laura siegel

(images via front row mag)

although she unfortunately doesn’t seem to turn out every season (see s/s 2012 & f/w 2012), young canadian designer laura siegel, with her laid back, layered bohemian-chic world-traveler vibe and awesome business practices that are both eco-friendly and fair trade, has become one of my more anticipated toronto fashion week presenters, and i was thrilled to see her back on the catwalk for the f/w 2013 season, with a collection i’m tempted to call her best yet. with her dusty colours and cool, ethnic-grunge layering, she’s moved past some of her more obvious hippie girl flavours into something a little more unique, with more uniquely special pieces in each look.

anyway, rather humourously, after writing that, i straight away in my research on her work for fall encountered a couple of reviews that basically said much the same, with the blog delectably chic announcing that “(i)nspired by Asia and South America, the collection is filled with warm, brown based tones – burgundy, if you will, as well as greys, greens and a hint of winter white…The styling for this collection isn’t for everyone – it looks a little bulky, piled on, if you will, and not exactly the ideal for non-model body types – there are ways to make the pieces work.  The leggings are probably fine with any loose top and many of the tops in this collection can be paired with denim.  The skirt lengths, however, are not for everyone at that ‘in between’ length.  In terms of make-up, the focus was very much on the lips, which were done in a very dark shade of burgundy.”

meanwhile, according to the wmcfwt site, ms. siegel “included handcrafted beaded jewelry to accent the collection, and also gave the collection a cool-girl-meets-global-traveler feel,” (see what i mean there!?) as the toronto post city reported that “(w)orking with artisans once again, Siegel showcased highly layered looks in a palette that morphed from rusty reds to earthy greens. The mash-up of block prints, tie-dye techniques and hand embroidery lent everything a tribal, nomadic feel that exuded warmth and a sense of security. An all-green look was exceptional: an embroidered leather jacket and drop-waist pants were anchored by a chunky knit scarf, really showcasing the designer’s aesthetic.”

the upcoming fall, offered the canadian fashion magazine, “sees Siegel build on her signature aesthetic. The harem pants and stretchy mixed-material bottoms are wearable enough, but it’s Siegel’s accessories and outer pieces—her capes, knits and leathers—that show her handiwork and ingenuity. Patchworks of heavy embroidery, tapestry folded over into bags and a blue-green leather jacket are fit for a rock ’n’ roll nomad (there it is: a category!), while the chunky knits are complex, multi-purpose pieces that beg to be held up for closer inspection,” and kenton magazine opined that “(h)ighlights for Fall 2013 included intricate, chunky multipurpose knits, a washed out jade version of a biker jacket (with nods to Nepalese garments) and tribal printed tunics in updated silhouettes.”

and, finally, front row mag reflected that “Fall 2013 was another display of the designer’s penchant for layering, and layering well. This season the NY-based Siegel worked with embroidery and tie dye on loose cotton jersey, mixed with chunky knit scarves and hits of leather. Standouts included embroidered oversized clutches, and patterned leggings and a moss green wool and leather cropped biker jacket. While most would be wary to pull off the complete looks, as per usual, the line is fantastic for taking bits and pieces and making them the star of an outfit. And working with artisans to perfect her craft has only made Siegel a more well-round designer.”

(see the complete collection video here)

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