melbourne fashion festival: easton pearson

(images via fashionising)

yup, yup, yup. i told you our excursion through this season’s melbourne fashion festival was going to be quick! and while i find myself vexed each and every time i go to find information about a collection and can’t, i nevertheless can’t quite manage to get by an easton pearson show without taking at least a glancing look through, as designers pamela easton and lydia pearson’s work just does it for me so (see f/w 2010, s/s 2012, s/s 2013).

anyway, in the universe-is-being-a-bully news, there was really no background information that i could find regarding the designers’ f/w 2013 range, but in doing our best to interpret, we can see that the collection still has that global/mixed-up aesthetic, though in a more autumnal palette than we’re used to, complete with some almost english-looking glen plaid to serve as a contrast to the designers’ generally more tropical-flavoured prints, in this case pineapples (and some pretty little florals).

utilizing some of those pastel shades we’re seeing everywhere for the spring, such as a muted mauve and a maybe slightly deeper pistachio, the designers’ girl for fall was a little toughened, and a little glammed-up from where we’d seen her for the spring, with less day-style frocks and more work-ready options, with some borrowed-from-the-boys elements, like menswear shirting and tailored outerwear, while the gold cuffs most of the models sported had a bit of that punk thing we saw everywhere in europe for fall.

if there was a complaint, it would simply be that the show was too short, and i wanted more of it. the looks were so sharp, and i liked their directional turn, at once still easton pearson, and yet, a little less ‘sunny daytime girl’ than we’ve seen in the past, like the designers themselves are growing up, and they’d like their label to do so as well. but! unlike some houses that force it on us in a moment, they’re doing so quite slowly, and i think this works better, giving us the time to adjust. at least, i don’t think we want to roll out of bed and be unable to have slumber parties and eat cotton candy ever again, right? and i don’t want fashion to suggest as much, either.


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