lisbon fashion week: valentim quaresma

(images via portugal confidential)

not, to be sure, the easiest of designers to categorize, nevertheless each season when we come to the coverage of another valentim quaresma show (see a/w 2012 & s/s 2013) at lisbon fashion week i find myself vexed anew at all of the boobies on display, simply because most kids are going to have a hard time getting past–or rather, in front of–these to take a look at the designer’s beautiful statement jewelry on display. perhaps he should consider putting, like, plain black/white t-shirts on all of his girls, but then, maybe it wouldn’t get the same attention, so i guess we could say there might be an upside to all of this.

right, so, as the designer explained to daily moda lisboa (trans.), “(t)he collection is entitled ‘Daydream’ and tries to find a point of connection between two poles: industrialization and creativity. Being the embodiment of creativity imagination, the idea of ‘daydreaming’ emerges as an opportunity to be in touch with a reality transfigured, which plays a visionary fantasy. Industrialization arises through a cadence of movement, materializing in search of colours and ambiguous forms allied to a retro futuristic spirit that characterizes my creative universe. The materials used were mainly leather, mixed with some ready-made batteries as watches. I used them ironically, we live in a time of great pressure, and the batteries are a source of energy for the body to pieces with batteries suggests the issuance of an energy charge necessary and vital for today.”

meanwhile, as the portuguese site maxima pointed out that there was a (trans.) “contrast of the metallic sparkles with the brown tones. The leather has translated into armor pieces with structure,” while portugal confidential added that in addition to leather, the designer employed copper and faux fur in the creation of his pieces, which definitely felt less gothic and spiderwebby than they have in the past, this time indeed taking on more of a warrior flavour, like medieval armor (much as maxima mentioned), although the black slatted number reminded me a little too much of one of those pill bugs for comfort (check out some lovely additional images at sewing machine & fashion heroines).

(see the full collection video here)


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