spfw: amapô

(images via ffw)

are you ready for some general pleasantries of insanity? that’s kind of how i always feel when we’re taking in another (see f/w 2011, s/s 2012, f/w 2012, s/s 2013) são paulo fashion week amapô show, like we’re somehow seeing what happens if one took all of those basically cute/trendy pieces off the, say, h&m shelves and stuck them together with a highly conceptual-type artist’s bits-and-bobs, rendering creations that fall somewhere between charmingly quirky and full-on, like, whaaat? and this, children, was where we indeed were for the upcoming s/s 2014 (yes, you heard right there) season.

in brief, because we don’t have much time, the label played up on that under the ocean-thing that’s been going around a few seasons now, with the blog rotina da moda explaining that the spring range was titled ‘warrior sirens,’ as elle added that there was plenty of aquatic texture at play, while (trans.) “(t)he colour chart followed the aquatic mood, with shades of green and blue, some psychedelic prints and even a disguised ethnic climate.”

but! because we really shouldn’t confuse amapô with a brand that’s just trying to be edgy (in that i do firmly believe they are thinking deeper), the brazilian site chic gloria kalil pointed out that the ocean themes ran into the rather thoughtful, as the designers (trans.) “applied a holographic treatment on denim or jeans, leaving them pearly, and an effect of irregular devorê velvet, from the idea of ​​coral.” i do think that’s quite clever, while some of those knit-y/stringy dresses rather resembled seaweed or kelp, and if the brand’s never going to be like full-on commercial, then that’s the fun of it–seeing what you can get out of it, and asking one to be a little more adventurous in the meantime.

(check out the fashion show video here)


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