melbourne fashion festival: alice mccall

(images via fashionising)

as per the usual, it’s quite tough luck slogging through the runways–even with the scant few we’ve chosen to focus on here–of the melbourne fashion festival, if in part because autumn and winter is apparently not an accepted time period (even in fashion!) in australia, and maybe also because quick as sydney’s fashion week is going to turn on us, most kids, in the interim between, like, that and paris, are just over it for the moment.

but! regardless, there are a few fashion lines that deserve some attention, even if they, with their barely-publicized collections, seem to nevertheless appear they don’t wish it. and as such, i’d like to take a brief moment to spotlight the a/w 2013 work of designer alice mccall, who we’ve appreciated a handful of times in the past thanks to her vintage-modernist aesthetic (see s/s 2010, s/s 2011, s/s 2012, a/w 2012), which was once again at play this season, in a collection titled, according to her website, ‘the imaginarium of kitty leroy.’

anyway, as usual there was scant press on the subject, but this time around we’re getting rather lucky, with the australian site broadsheet getting fairly detailed (especially for the context) in explaining that “Alice McCall took us to an exotic world filled with macaw parrots and vibrant flowers. Inspired by 80s casino glamour and 1940s Orientalism, the collection included kimonos, wide-legged jumpsuits and swing jackets as well as modern pieces such as crop tops and loose-fitting twill pants. The palette was inspired by nature: turquoise blues, scarlet and tropical greens, and stunning embellishments such as ornate gold embroidery added a touch of richness throughout.”

“Highlights,” they prattled on, “included a sweeping chiffon maxi dress sequined with cranes and the ‘Stardust’ jacquard knit jumper and dress emblazoned with kissing cheetahs, a reference to Cartier.” as usual, i’d say the designer did a nice job of incorporating some retro love with her prints and motifs, although it was maybe a little more cutesy-cartoony (rather like tsumori chisato, i was thinking) than we usually tend to see out of her, but that’s not meant to be a bad thing. no, rather, charming, wearable, colourful, and a nice precursor to her upcoming spring range, with spring always the real story of the australian designers each year (see some additional runway images at makers of melbourne).

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