japan fashion week: g.v.g.v.

(images via wwd)

so all the news that’s fit to print is that, yes, once again, opt has found itself well behind on the ‘keeping up with the fashion events’ portion of life, otherwise known as basically every day in the rotation of this site, and whatever i can blame it on, in programming notes what that boils down to is that while i don’t want to exactly put us in fast-forward mode, i think we’ll nevertheless be taking less in-depth looks than we generally tend to, okay?

right, so i like to balance out the bad news with some good, and this comes in the form of the a/w 2013 japan fashion week presentation of g.v.g.v. (ジーヴィージーヴィー), the house headed up by one-name designer mug, and her regularly rockabilly-retro-loving-fifties-kitsch aesthetic that we’ve grown to increasingly love over the seasons (see a/w 2011, s/s 2012, a/w 2012, s/s 2013), taking another colourful turn through tokyo.

i tend to find (from my own perspective, at least) mug’s designs for spring a little more palatable, they with their softer colour schemes and prettier, lighter, more playful touches being a little more in-step with the kind of straight-up vintage-isms which i so love, but for the fall, she seems to appreciate the darker colours blended with plenty of shiny action, for a vibe that rides off a little more angsty and rebellious, a little more punk.

anyway, in actuality, this meant a lot of rockabilly/punk loving turns once more, from leopard spots and houndstooth to hipster plaids and pin-up-type girl graphics folded in with a bit of an s&m twist (and of course those shiny straps helped play up that matter pretty significantly, as well), alongside classic black-and-white combos, stripes, and and sexay times (faux?) fur moments, as well as a couple of fetishistic turns on the french maid costume (masked, no less!) to close out the show.

(check out the full fashion show video here)


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