melbourne fashion festival: megan park

(images via fashionising)

yes, yes, yes, we’ve another fashion event to talk about. although in actuality, as unfortunately melbourne fashion festival usually receives all-but-no press whatsoever, we’re going to keep it rather limited, and anyway, for whatever reason, most of the australian designers do so themselves during the fall collections. but! because there are a few labels i love just too much to forgo for a season, here we are, with a seriously solid favourite’s a/w 2013 collection, designer megan park!

anyway, we’ve been following homegirl in melbourne for a solid little bit now (although maybe less consistently; as a northern, i sometimes find it hard to get all the australian shows; however, see a/w 2010, s/s 2011, a/w 2011, a/w 2012), and i love her prints combined with a lot of gemstones, sequins, and other embellishments, although she played it way darker this season. and while there wasn’t a lot of background printed (as usual), we lucked out with a decent chunk courtesy of style melbourne, which quoted the designer as explaining that “I really went into my archives – I’ve got a huge archive of vintage and antique textiles and embroideries.”

anyway, the site prattled along that “(t)he range draws inspiration from the Victorian era through to the 1930s, which results in plenty of jet beading, touches of turquoise and coral, textural braids and a Victoriana overtone while shapes remain gentle as is the label’s signature. ‘I just wanted this collection to feel very pretty, not pretty in a sort of frilly sense, but I wanted it to have that sort of vintage, feminine – a little understated – a real femininity to it whereas last winter was a little bit fiercer and tribal,’ expands Megan.” it looked great, and i like that she’s expanding on her base while not completely forgoing some of the prints and appliques of the past, although i’ll admit that i’d definitely like to see her lighten things up for spring, as that is what we go to her for, after all. or at least, i do.


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