istanbul fashion week: janucha by jale hürdoğan

(images via mbfwi)

so i guess the most important news of the moment (that you already know, anyway) is that we’re just sailing through istanbul fashion week, taking a few select time-outs to take a brief look at some of my favourite collections from the event, and, as i am wont to do, i saved that which i loved the best for last, the f/w 2013 presentation of janucha by jale hürdoğan!

anyway, i didn’t realize this at first, probably because i’m an idiot, but we’ve actually seen a couple of images from the designer’s collection during the span of london fashion week, but it may have been fleshed out a little here, and anyway, it’s always better to take a closer look in one’s home country, non? it reminds me quite a lot of the kind of dark, storybook girl-looking selections we often see coming out of belgrade.

and alas, because life sucks, even here there wasn’t a lot of press regarding the collection, with the blog rifat yüzüak’s makeup giving us a few details on the beauty looks, while kendim yapdiydim–which features some lovely images of the show, by the by–explained that range materials included plenty of wool, chiffon, linen, silk, lace, and crepe de chine, and the palette mainly consisted of (trans.) “brown, black, cream, gray, and silver tones.”

i really, really would have liked some background as to the designer’s inspiration and all of that noise, but i suppose we have to take what we can, and i’m still getting an image of a girl lost in a dark, bleak forest somewhere as winter is commencing (or something like that), and i guess that’s as far as we can take it. but still, try to enjoy the images! i’m glad we took a moment to look through the beautiful fashions of istanbul, aren’t you?

(see some additional images at pemberuj & elle)

(enjoy the full fashion show video here)


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