istanbul fashion week: red beard by tanju babacan

(images via mbfwi)

right, so even though we’re rushing through istanbul fashion week, taking only a few minutes out to highlight a verrry specific few shows, when confronted with the a/w 2013 red beard by tanju babacan collection, i knew i had to stop. like….were those eggs adorning many of the pieces on his catwalk?

and indeed…they were! the site hayatini tasarla related that the fall range was titled ‘i came here naked,’ and added that (trans.) “(a)pparel and accessories used in the ‘fried egg’ [line] were remarkable.” i’d heartily agree, liking the way the designer slipped it in in an almost understated manner, eventually building us up to the BANG! of that evening gown wholly covered in them.

i also liked the overall cheerful vibe of the collection, with the yesil topuklar pointing out much the same thing in their discussion of the palette that the designer was (trans.) “using vibrant colours, [such as] yellow, blue, red and green.” and ista pin noted that floral motifs were employed, as well as stripes, alongside the many eggs.

in terms of materials, there was some fur edging, macrame, silk, and some jersey action, but no one really compiled anything close to a complete list. the turkish site gelin-lik did comment that we saw pieces such as (trans.) “(b)ell-bottomed pants and kimono coats,” but there were also quite a few dresses, to varying degrees of success, with those macrame-looking ones (including a rainbow-hued minidress) probably being among the more commercially-friendly options.

on the whole, i had a hard time deciphering whether the designer was simply messing with us (and here, i think we all think of that marjan pejoski a/w 2001 swan-inspired range as the quintessential example of hardcore tongue-in-cheek), but because i don’t know the designer at all really, and there weren’t great analysis-type pieces available, i couldn’t really say. all the same, i’m quite glad we got to take a look at it, though, and here’s one i’ll definitely be looking out for in the future. so glad we’ve come to istanbul, aren’t you? (see additional runway images at ikra & kendim yapdiydim)

(watch the full fashion show video here)


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