istanbul fashion week: soul by özgür masur

(images via mbfwi)

okay, so yes, yes, yes, i know. we really, really weren’t supposed to be opening up any new fashion events for discussion, but then, istanbul fashion week was just there, and with several too, too good to pass up collections, like the a/w 2013 soul by özgür masur exhibition, i thought it seemed like the right thing to do to just breeze through in quick looks of a few of my favourites from the event.

right, so, showcasing how it’s done in terms of mashing up sexified with elegance (something a handful of paris-based designers are totally in the want to do right, like hakaan and anthony vaccarello), i’d say the young mr. masur did a nice job of it, employing some strategic and sexy cut-outs and sheer panels with his entirely black-and-white showing.

but i suppose what ultimately drew me to the range was that he didn’t take it too far–at other times relying on more architectural silhouettes and tailoring to tell the story of a specific exit, rather than letting it all hang out there. in other words, whereas the aforementioned designers rely on all sex all the time (or mostly, at least) to sell their wares, here mr. masur reminded us that he as a designer still has something to say.

right, then. so i wasn’t able to drudge up a lot of critical analysis, but according to modazon, the designer worked with a whole host of luxury materials, including leather, silk, faux fur, silk crepe, lace, and silk organza, and there looked to be some mesh and chiffon in there as well, with plenty of elaborate sheer or semi-sheer panels to allow for hints (or more) of the body beneath it.

i wouldn’t go so far as to say there was a complete wardrobe here or anything like that–it was too restrictive in that it was mostly confined to cocktail/club and evening, with maybe a few of the tailored trouser/blazer and fluid blouse looks working for work, but i did like that it was more versatile than i’d call the designer’s nearest competitors out to be, and ultimately, i’d say with the right styling, it could probably even go beyond that.

thus, i’d call the show a win, and although i hope we’re not too slowed down by taking the time to examine a few new designers, i’m nevertheless thrilled to but this one in the stable of names we know going forward into the future.

(see additional show images at trendyol & ilk ekran)

(watch the full fashion show video here)


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