bafw: garza lobos

(images via dmodas)

oh, my kids, i’ve been having such a great good time covering all of these little, low-key shows at buenos aires fashion week in contrast to the pomp and overstuffed ceremony that is paris that i’m a little sad we’re already so close to the end. but! alas, it’s simply a much shorter event. anyway, we’ve been following garza lobos in-and-out for at least a few seasons in the past (see a/w 2011, s/s 2012, s/s 2013), and i’ve pretty consistently been a fan of their asymmetrical, trailing layers and unexpected colour pairings.

anyway, as you can probably see, that was at play once again for the a/w 2013 season, although maybe what you can’t see is that there was an amazing level of detail to the prints and pieces, which really took up their daring juxapositions to a new level that felt a bit art school, and maybe a bit rock-and-roll. planeta mujer explained that the designers were inspired by the baroque period (something we all know roberto cavalli loves, and there was more than a hint of him at play here today).

right, so. carrying on, the site added that we (trans.) “saw many transparencies, especially in the silk pants and dresses,[and with] metallic coats and boots.” elsewhere, the blog bloc de moda argued that the (trans. “(e)thereal silhouettes” were embellished thanks to the prints–which included plenty of paisley, polka dots, and old-world wallpaper geometrics–and copious amounts of embroidery. this, along with the metallic sparkling shimmer, glammed up some pieces that might have looked a bit flat from a distance, while pairing colours like magenta and army green on paper seems atrocious, but actually looked quite wonderful on the trumpet hemmed, colour-blocked dress.

yet ion the detraction side, was less enthused about the sheer pieces, such as a white dotted swiss ‘skirt’-type item that looked no more or less like a random piece of fabric wrapped around the model’s lower truck after they realized they’d nothing to send her out in on the bottom half. and then they trotted the same thing out in a black variant! as if we couldn’t get enough! well, actually–for the girls i know who like to eschew pants–this may be a thing for some kids. someone call rihanna up right now.

finally, the argentine website si toco rock reflected that it was in the layering that the brand really accomplished the most, and i suppose i can agree–this is one of their strong suits, after all. on the whole, maybe those plastic-y looking printed rain boots were a little too much to finish things off with, and in the end, i wished they’d have focused more on those asymmetrical, sculptural dresses–like sofia krawczyk’s gorgeous, midnight purple draped, one-shouldered minidress blocked with a sparkling silver band at bust-level–but on the whole, it was at least enough to keep the house afloat, plus with some new surprises besides. so we all win, non? (see some great close-up images at penny lane)

(enjoy some video action here)

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