ukrainian fashion week: anna october

(images via ufw)

anna october, also occasionally spelled as anna okjabr, presented her fall 2011 collection at ukrainian fashion week as part of the ‘fresh fashion’ segment.  framed in seventies colours and pastels, the show had a slightly bohemian aesthetic about it.

as the designer writes on her website, her (translated) “style is minimalistic, intelligent and reserved.  Functionality and utility, geometry and pithiness of forms distinguish (the) clothes.”  okay, i didn’t see a lot of that, envisioning more of an at-home crafter who concocts granola with fruit she dried herself in her free time, but that’s just me.  maybe i should set aside everything i’ve ever learned about fashion to read into her viewpoint.

that isn’t to sound sarcastic, at least not as far as the clothes are concerned.  even if the designer maybe wasn’t feeling what i did with regards to her customers, some of her intricately formed pieces were intriguing as artworks, while the fluttery, lightweight shirtdresses were sublimely wearable.

however, the review at ukrainian fashion week daily was less favourable, comparing the heavy emphasis on knitwear to (translated) “Grandmother’s basket” and stating that, with regards to the light hues and sandals paired with socks, “do not try to repeat this winter.”  that may be fair, although considering that the fashion seasons aren’t particularly relevant in the face of drop time and actual seasons, we can probably just let that go.

to be fair, there were times the collection was overly frump-ified, especially given that the direction seemed to lean toward youth, at least for the most part.  i mean, gazing above at just the foot look feels something like the icy-cold fingers of death brushing along my spine on a windy, rainy day.  if one tries to pull that number off, it’s goodbye to the fashion crown.  and with good reason.  better to concentrate on the separates and do your own styling.  it could give the collection a much-needed hand up.

(see the runway finale video here)

updated: with new images


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