ukrainian fashion week: liliya litkovskaya

(images via ufw)

liliya litkovskaya (Ліля Літковська)–or litkovskaya, as the label is apparently sometimes called—showed one of the edgier collections at ukrainian fashion week in kiev thus far for the fall 2011 season.

as is often the case where press releases are few and translations difficult to come by, i wasn’t able to find much information regarding the present collection.  however, it was a rather tough range, in predominantly black and white, with occasional creams, browns, and grays peeking through, and framed in such decadent materials as leather, fur, silk, and (i believe) wool.  hemlines were roughly drawn, with pieces asymmetrically and heavily layered together.

although the girls had an inherent toughness about them (complete with the requisite motorcycle jackets), the little black caps they wore appeared almost like riding hats, giving a certain sportiness to the range.  the layers, saggy trousers, and flipper-like shoes spoke rather strongly of rick owens, giving impressions of his ascetic goths, and combining that with the heavy furs the girls sometimes wore, the show took on a rather nomadic feeling, like a strange tribe lost in an arid, mountainous terrain.

updated: with new images

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