ukrainian fashion week: litkovskaya

(images via ufw)

i was almost sad looking at the litkovskaya (Ліля Літковська) runway for the spring 2011 season, because after so many lavish shows with gimmicks, finding appreciation for the more understated can be difficult.

the dress-heavy show, frequently in navy with snatches of white and mustard, relied on tailoring and minimalist concepts (these felt a little more characteristically russian than ukrainian) which don’t always show as well, but were intriguing nevertheless.

my sole hesitation comes from the photography, that some of the pieces might not be constructed of particularly quality materials, but this again is where minimalism hurts.  (how many d&g shows look good because they’re so loud, yet once confronted with a piece in the hand…a sublime example of outsourcing!)

sometimes the fit seemed a little off, too, making the girls appear more waifish than they ought, but maybe i’m out of touch because some kids like that.  the best looks, though, were those more fitted, such as the top three pictures above.  in the end, it’s nice to see some designers proffering investment pieces, garments lasting beyond the end of the previous season.  even if these aren’t perfect, there’s something more compelling about them than all the orange you can throw at me.

updated: with new images


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