ukrainian fashion week: kamenskayakononova

(images via lady tochka)

so my plan was that no matter how well i liked their clothes for the spring 2011 season, i had to include kamenskayakononova in my coverage of ukrainian fashion week.  when i was a kid, i always wanted to change my own name & i think i now have a winner!

unfortunately, those bitches haven’t worked on their website enough that we can more properly understand the motivation behind their title (besides, perhaps hoping they’ll entrap hot dudes over lessons in how to pronounce as many syllables, it will eventually lead to something more!), so we’ll just have to move on.

the line itself is very on-trend for spring, retaining some of the major themes we’ve seen in paris, new york, and the like with carroty shades, sheer lace, and a sort of seventies take on minimalism (what everyone has apparently been thinking since viewing the ysl exhibit this year).

there were plenty of simple, wearable dresses with the occasional departure into something more fantastical (see the leather-topped black lace affair).  my personal favourites were the white dresses with black collars…i’m not sure if the collars are detachable, but all the better if they are.  the smartly tailored look with the clean lines felt more decadent due to superior construction than anything frothy they might have produced.

my only real critique comes in the form of i’m sick of seeing so many bright lips and bright oranges, but that’s not any particular fault of these designers…just that everyone is doing it for the spring.  but after seeing so much before the season even lands upon us, it’s rather annoying to already be tired of the trends.

updated: with new images


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